Our Pipeline

The Kiniksa pipeline has the potential to treat a spectrum of autoinflammatory & autoimmune diseases.

Program & Target Indication Preclin Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Mkt Rights
RilonaceptIL-1α & IL-1β Recurrent Pericarditis Phase 3
Worldwide (excl. Middle East and North Africa)
MavrilimumabGM-CSFRα Giant Cell Arteritis Phase 2
KPL-716OSMRβ Prurigo Nodularis Phase 2
Exploratory Study in Diseases Characterized by Chronic Pruritus Phase 2
KPL-404CD40 T-cell dependent, B-cell-mediated indications Preclin
KPL-045CD30L T-cell dependent, B-cell-mediated indications Preclin

About Rilonacept

Rilonacept is an approved, subcutaneously-administered, cytokine trap that inhibits the signaling of IL-1α and IL-1β, two soluble cytokines​. There are multiple diseases involving these cytokines where rilonacept may provide benefit, the first of which is in a rare, inflammatory, cardiovascular disease where there are currently no approved therapies. We are currently enrolling RHAPSODY, a pivotal Phase 3 trial of rilonacept in recurrent pericarditis.


Monoclonal antibody inhibitor of GM-CSF signaling. Currently enrolling a global Phase 2 study in Giant Cell Arteritis - an inflammatory disease of blood vessels with unmet need.


Monoclonal antibody inhibitor of both IL-31 and Oncostatin M, cytokines involved in pruritus, Th2 response, fibrosis and barrier dysfunction.


Monoclonal antibody inhibitor of a T-cell co-stimulatory mechanism important in the function of activated T-memory cells.


Monoclonal antibody inhibitor of a central control node of T-cell-dependent, B-cell-mediated humoral adaptive immunity​.