Disease Registries

Patient and disease registries are widely used to generate data that help physicians and patients make better treatment decisions for patient care. They gather data on what different treatments are used and the outcomes of those treatments. Registries also gather the information that will hopefully improve the standard of care for future patients.  By tracking information on a group of patients and outcomes over time, the registry can provide clues as to what is most likely to work given a patient’s condition.

The RESONANCE Patient Registry

Recurrent pericarditis is a difficult disease to manage and there are many questions on how to best make treatment decisions. RESONANCE is a 5-year study that plans to enroll 500 patients who have recurrent pericarditis. Kiniksa is gathering the data that are hoped to better inform doctors and their patients as they manage their disease, for both current and for future patients. We are currently enrolling and please click the link below to find if you qualify.

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